Cultural Activities at Hyde Park

Hyde Park offers diverse and extraordinarily well-attended cultural activities. Learners hold these in high esteem and indeed, active cultural participation is as highly regarded as being a first-team player in any sporting activity. This placing of cultural activities on an equal footing with sports (which in itself is rare amongst schools) has been one of the aims of Hyde Park, and it has definitely succeeded!

In addition, we aim to develop character in young adults, and allow them to express this on stage. They are encouraged to self-direct house plays and major productions, with guidance from experienced advisors. This enables them to develop two important theatrical talents at the same time. Above all, it teaches participants to be independent thinkers.

Stage work, debates and public speaking provide great platforms for confidence building. So much of any career involves effective communication, and debating and public speaking provide great opportunities for this. Our major productions have achieved renown both amongst other state and private schools in the Gauteng area, and also amongst professionals in the industry.

Sound and Lighting offers a great extra mural for those interested in sound engineering, and we attempt to keep these learners exposed to the latest developments in sound and lighting and also try to provide some outside training with sound and lighting professionals.

The development of a confident, well spoken, well informed and unreserved adult are the main objectives of cultural activities at Hyde Park….. and fun, of course.

Cultural Activities

  • Backstage
  • Debating
  • Drama
  • Dramatics – Music
  • First Aid
  • Interact
  • Public Speaking
  • Sound and Lighting
  • Valentines Ball
  • Winterball