Hyde Park High Congratulates the Staff and Matrics of 2020 on their IEB Examination results.

Thank you to the SMT, SGB and STAFF for their selfless contribution to the lives of our grade 12 class of 2020.



Overall pass rate: 97.44%

Bachelor Pass: 64.10 %

Diploma Pass: 30.77 %

Higher Certificate Pass: 3%



No 1 Mawete Luwawu 8 distinctions Afr, EGD, Eng, IT, LO, Math, Phy Sc, AP Math
No 2 Rebecca Ila 5 distinctions Afr, EGD, Eng, LO, Math
No 3 Robert Dalais 4 distinctions PhySc. IT, Acc, Math,
Seth Flaum 4 distinctions Eng, His, LO, Vis Art
No 5 Kauser Eltawagny 2 distinctions Afr, LO
Ian Kisanya 2 distinctions Acc, Math
Basanda Mdladla 2 distinctions isiZulu, LO
Mishka Naidoo 2 distinctions His, LO
Andokuhle Bright Ncube 2 distinctions isiZulu, Math
No 6 20 other learners 1 distinction each Various