Hyde Park
High School


Why Choose Hyde Park?

Our standards remain high, unchanged and autonomous

Our teachers are qualified, experienced, offer valuable continuity, share a strong value system, and are achievement-oriented

Our learners come from a wide suburban range, and are happy, well-adjusted, and confident, sharing a common culture of learning

Our quality of education matches that of private schools

Our academic preparation is reflected in the great success of past pupils at tertiary level

Our sporting and cultural activities are educationally based, competitive and successful

Our facilities are virtually unequalled among state schools

Our finance and administration are sound and well-run and our fees are competitive

Our parents are involved in and financially committed to the school

To be a world class Johannesburg school
and promote a sustainable, holistic
learning environment which encourages
a culture of leadership and sense of

To become a school which incorporates a blended learning environment, where
the teachers are rewarded, valued
and respected as they deserve.

To be a school where the learners are
comprehensively prepared morally,
socially, intellectually and
technologically, to face the increasingly
diverse demands of the world.

Why Choose Co-Ed?

Modern and progressively sound educational model

Social skills and peer involvement are more balanced

Learners are happy and confident with opposite sex

Academically beneficial to both boys and girls

Learners leave the school confident and are at ease with working and studying in a co-ed world

Matric Results

Hyde Park currently writes the Independent Examination Board assessment (IEB) and is the only state school to offer the same system as the top independent schools in our area.

For many years we have attained a 100% pass rate. Our averages are well above those of the GDE and match those of the independent schools.

HPHS Philosophy

In the classroom, clarity;
 on the sportsfield, tenacity;
in culturals, integrity;
in adolescence, security;
and in all things, dedication.

Important Information

Code Of Conduct
There are four expectations of any pupil admitted to Hyde Park High School.
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Neatness and Uniform
Our concern as educationists is with the internal rather than the external, but the role of the school uniform in a school like ours is:
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